“Make from your life a dream and from your dream a reality”

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Indeed, if living abroad can make people dream, it’s not always so easy.
I know it, I’ve been living it for the past 20 years and that’s why I specialized in expats and their partners’ issues. So I can help you find the strength and the skills to make this experience unique and successful.

Who am I?

Nolwenn Le Page

My name is Nolwenn Le Page and I grew up near Vannes in France. More than 20 years ago, I left my home town to fly to the States as a student. From this 1st trip and my studies in International Business, many other trips followed: first to Spain then to Ireland, England or Malta… The Expat fever got me.

During one of my stays in Spain, I met the one who was going to become my husband. I was about to become an “expat” in Algeria. There, I worked for an Embassy during almost 8 years.

Life is made of changes (and more especially the expat’s one). Si we left Algiers for Johannesburg where we’ve been living for almost 9 years now.

If at the beginning, I chose to become an “expat’s wife”, I quickly realized I needed to be more active to feel good. First, I volunteered as I love both people and helping them. At the same time, I was looking for myself. I went through moments of doubts and loneliness which finally brought me to study a Master in Communication and then a degree in Coaching.

Bringing up together my 2 passions (communication and helping others) with my qualities of listening and kindness, allows me to be at your disposal to help you make your dream a reality.

My training

  • Coach RNCP
    Linkup Coaching – France
  • STRONG training
    Meyers Briggs questionnaire about your interests at work
  • Specialization in Parental BurnOut Management
    Training done by Isabelle Roskam and Moïra Mikolajczak
  • Master in Direction Communication
    EAE/Juan Carlos I University – Spain

What is coaching about?

Coaching consist in guiding you towards a better knowledge of yourself, your talents and your deepest inspiration. In order to do that, we will need to break some of your locks.

Coaching allows you to find your true alignment and achieve the state of well-being.

My offer

Personal development

Personal development and professional retraining

You feel lost, your life seems empty, you don’t have self confidence anymore? I can help you. Together, we will work so you can get back on track.

Looking for your professional path

Academic orientation

You are high school students, I can help you find your way thanks to the STRONG, a questionnaire created by Meyers Briggs (Psychometry in the service of human development (themyersbriggs.com), on professional interests at work.

Parental BurnOut

Parental BurnOut

You are physically or emotionally exhausted? You can’t sleep? You act like a robot with your kids? You don’t feel any more pleasure in your parenthood? You might be on parental burnout. Don’t hesitate to contact me so we can find a solution.



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