The impostor syndrome

Feb 22, 2022


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That’s it, here I go! For me, who especially likes to listen, speaking is a real test of strength.

But where does this fear of expressing myself come from?

Well, maybe, like many of you, I suffer from impostor syndrome.

And what exactly is impostor syndrome?

First of all, you should know that it affects about 70% of the population, and more women than men. These are the doubts that we have about ourselves and our abilities. They prevent us from moving forward in our personal or professional life.

The impostor syndrome manifests itself mainly in times of transition: change of position, company, when one becomes a parent for the 1st time….

How do you know if you have this symptom?

Here are some warning signs:

  • You lack self-confidence and tend to devalue your successes
  • You attribute your successes to someone else or to chance
  • You are hyperperfectionist or overinvested
  • You are uncomfortable with compliments

If you find yourself in this description, you probably suffer from impostor syndrome.

Any tips to get rid of it?

  1. List your skills and talents.
    They will help you realize your worth.
  2. Get rid of your perfectionism.
    And no, no one is 100% perfect, not even you! So why not settle for 80%, for example?
  3. Listen and above all hear the compliments that are given to you.
    Take a small notebook and write them down. Do not hesitate to read them often.
  4. Make your success chart
    In the 1st column, you write down your successes.
    In the 2nd column, you write down the 1st causes that come to mind.
    In the 3rd column, you will register, after reflection, the real causes of these successes.

This topic interests you and you want to know more? I’m here to discuss it. Make an appointment.


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