The orientation of my child, help!!!!

Mar 15, 2022


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I know what I’m talking about, my eldest is right in the middle of it: “which specialties to choose? Then, which specialty to abandon? Going to a big school or a FAC or a BTS???? What choices are available to our cherubim and not easy when you are between 15 and 18 years old to decide.

Naturally, they then turn to us, their parents, thinking that once again, we will have “the” solution to their questions. However, very often, we are just as lost as they are.

So what to do, you tell me.

I may have found the beginning of an answer for you:

  • Accompany your child in his career choices

Your child has so many choices in front of him that he may feel a little lost or overwhelmed. Do not hesitate to do research with him (on the net, in CIOs, BIJs, trade fairs, etc.).

  • support him morally

He lives stressful and tiring moments, whether exams, competitions, orals… Do not hesitate to give him all your support and reassure him about his abilities. Tell him about your experience.

  • Help him in his documentary research

Documentary research can be a real headache for a teenager! And for a parent too, by the way! Do not hesitate to sit with him/her to look at websites, accompany him/her to the BIJ, the IOC, trade fairs or open houses.

But be careful not to put the weight of your dreams and aspirations on your teenager, it’s HIS future, not yours. You will need tons of diplomacy and subtlety to help your child without him/her feeling that you want to influence him/her. Teenagers, by nature, hate it.

If despite this, you feel that you are having trouble helping him, call on a professional, a neutral person who can unblock the situation.

A Certified STRONG Practitioner (Meyers Briggs Work Interest Questionnaire), I can help. For more information, contact me!


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